Produced by Almo film and Mathieu Crepel, written by Morgan Le Faucheur, music by Guillaume Ferran

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Growing up riding both waves and powder, Mathieu Crepel has become one of the few athletes to excel in two disciplines that have a lot in common but are still so different.

Retired from the contest circuit but still restless for adventure, the former Olympic contender decided to face one of the biggest challenges of his life: Surfing the notorious wave of Jaws, Hawaii. The most powerful wave in the world, the absolute grail of any big wave surfer who respects himself. While many surfers dream of taming it, few have managed to do so.  So, when a snowboarder dares to challenge it, no one would have dared to imagine it. No one except
the rider from La Mongie.

Mathieu devoted two years of his life to this new and uncertain quest. Long months during which he will alternate mountain and sea sessions with detours to Indonesia and Oregon before finally reaching the final destination: the island of Maui in the Hawaiian archipelago.

But beyond the sporting challenge, « Shaka » is first and foremost a dive into an unprecedented human adventure. Supported by his friends, his first companions, Mathieu will also meet exceptional characters on his way such as Koa & Eddie Rothman, Guillaume Nery, Kepa Acero, Gerry Lopez, Victor Daviet and Nathan Fletcher. Moments of intense sharing that will help him better understand the winding path that leads to « Jaws ».

Filmed and told by Morgan Le Faucheur, former professional snowboarder and childhood friend of Mathieu Crépel, « Shaka » goes far beyond the simple sporting epic. Halfway between the documentary, the intimate narrative and the « feel good movie », the film - which takes its name from the gesture of the hand typical of surf culture - takes us, for 1 hour and 20 minutes, in the wake of Mathieu Crépel, who is on the way to fulfilling his ultimate dream: to reconcile his passion for surfing and snowboarding by attacking the most exceptional mountain… water!